Reese interviews her Dad

Reese Baty here, 9 years old going on 10. I would like to introduce you to my dad, Ryan Baty running for County Commissioner. 

Let’s begin this interview, right dad? 

Q. It was really cool that you were a baseball player! Where did you play, and what do you miss most about baseball? 

  1. So, baseball was a big part of my life! I grew up playing baseball here in Wichita and went to North High for two years then Northwest for two years and played baseball there. I was really fortunate and went to KU after high school and played baseball there as well on scholarship. After KU, I signed a professional baseball contract to play with the Tampa Bay Rays organization. 
  2. I think what I miss most about baseball are my teammates. Being a baseball guy and traveling on the road with my coaches… Most athletes would say the same is they miss playing but mainly they miss their teammates. 

Q. My favorite job you had was at our church. What did you do there? 

  1. So, for your entire life, I have worked at Family Church out on West Kellogg.  I started as a Youth Pastor and worked with kids all the way from 6th grade up to 12th grade. 
  2. I did that for four years and then moved to what is called an Associate Pastor’s role, where I was responsible for teaching and counseling. I did weddings and funerals and hosted bible studies. I enjoyed that role for the same reason you did… It was the place where we loved people and felt loved by people.  

Q. What businesses do you have and what do you like most about being a businessman? 

  1. My main business is the Mattress Hub and we’ve had that for almost 15 years, so longer than you’ve been alive. We have 13 stores in Kansas. It’s been wonderful and we’ve been so blessed by our company and I love our staff and all that we do here. 
  2. We do other things as well. Your grandparents are in the cattle business and operate a pretty decent size family cattle ranch. 
  3. We do real estate, rental properties, and we do some other really cool things!
  4. Your Uncle Matt and I have a company with some friends where we do Name, Image, and Likeness for KU basketball, to where we help student athletes and their name, image and likeness branding. 

It’s just fun doing life with all these people and helping them earn a living. One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is creating jobs here locally. 

Q. What are your favorite things about our community and why are you running for County Commissioner? 

  1. I think what I value the most and love about our community is the people. I lived all over the country playing baseball and there’s nothing like Sedgwick County and this community. This is our home and I love the people here.  I love the diversity of our economy here and that we have all types of businesses and business people. 
  2. I want to serve the community for the same reason I wanted to serve in the church, and that was really just to help people. To create policies, and do different things like tax policy. Taxes are paid to enable services like repairing the roads, and to build schools, etc. It’s our job to be a good steward for those types of resources and make sure that taxes are reasonable, responsible and fair. 
  3. Those are things I care about, but ultimately more than anything else I just want to serve. I want to show my kids what serving in our community can do on a bigger level. 

Now, for two personal questions: 

Q. Who’s your favorite kid? 

  1. Well I have you and two other kids. I don’t have a favorite kid. I love you all equally and you are each gifted in your own ways! It’s fun to watch you guys in sports and in school, and with your friends. One of the greatest joys in my life is being your dad! 
  2. So, I’m not answering that because there is no answer other than I love you all evenly! 

Last question! And, an important one at that! 

Q. Can I have a horse for my birthday? 

  1. A horse for your birthday? HA! I can answer that one easily, and that’s a “no” from dad. You have nowhere to put it, but sorry kid, that’s a no. We’ll get you some shoes or something! 

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  1. What a delightful interview by your sweet daughter. God Bless you on your campaign for commissioner. You would be a very responsible and a good Christian example for this office. ??

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