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The John Whitmer show extended an opportunity to sit down and share with John the reasons for my decision to run for County Commissioner.  There are several factors that motivated my decision, but my primary reason was the desire to serve the people of our community on a more meaningful level. 

A second reason for running for County Commissioner is concern.  I believe that over the last two years we have allowed a dangerous precedent to be set for the role of government.  As a small business owner, I experienced first hand the effect of being deemed “non essential.”  I have incredible concern that the core principles of limited government and individual liberty aren’t being advocated for in a way that will lead to responsible and accountable government.  

I also feel compelled to help influence our community economically.  We are in a pivotal season in Sedgwick County and we need leadership to help position us to be more competitive now and in the future.  Local government must work hard to lay the proper groundwork through tax policy and economic development planning so that we can attract and retain a talented workforce.

Stance on COVID Mandates 

I am adamantly opposed to government mandates that make the decision for you on masking and this vaccine.  These choices should be left to individuals, not government employees. Nobody should be put in the position to choose between their job or this vaccine. You should know where I stand and that when difficult decisions need to be made I will always favor liberty over restriction. Unfortunately, we have seen the opposite approach take place in recent years. 


It’s important that all candidates running for politics can expect transparency from elected officials and the processes in which decisions are made. Transparency is an issue of stewardship. Representing more than 105,000 people in a district is about proper stewardship, serving people, and loving them. My ministry background has shaped me to be a better leader and steward of this responsibility.  


I am strictly pro-life and my position is respresented of life from conception to the grave. In this country, there are roughly 2,400 abortions a day.  A heartbeat begins at six weeks. I’m a father of three children. I’ve seen sonograms and I’ve been in the room for the birth of a child. That is the only tangible evidence I need to know that life begins at conception. This valueing of life, anchored by my faith, also influences my position on the death penalty which has at times put me at odds with other people in our party.  I am an advocate in our community for foster kids and have worked to raise awareness of our moral responsibility to address a failing system.  

The Second Amendment 

I am a defender of the second amendment.  For me, I acknowledge that there is evil in this world and our Bill of Rights reserves to me the right to protect myself and my family.  

Mental Health

The biggest issues that keep coming up in conversation are centered around mental health. The difficult reality we are facing is that we have a lack of resources to accomplish the things that are needed to make progress in this crisis. I have several ideas on how we can use collaborative resources to help move us forward and better care for our people.

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