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Clear Vision. Local Focus. Healthy Community.

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Local Leadership

I am ready to serve our community.

We are in a pivotal season for Sedgwick County. We need leadership to help improve our position economically while working to bridge the divide relationally. This community is our home. I want to do all that I can to make sure we are improving and fostering the best quality of life for everyone in Sedgwick County.

Change for the Better

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Ryan has long advocated that Sedgwick County is over extended and ineffective. As Commissioner he will refocus budgets on the core functions of public works, safety and health in order to bring much needed stability and efficiency to government services.


As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Ryan knows the importance of a healthy and growing economy. As Commissioner, he will promote regional competitiveness, responsible taxes, diversification of industry and a thriving startup culture. A healthy economy directly influences the quality of life and opportunity in our community.


Ryan is determined to bring resources and reform to a growing mental health and substance abuse crisis. As Commissioner , he will bring much needed leadership that prioritizes collaboration with community partners and advocates for strategic initiatives that will help meet the needs of our citizens.


The lack of civility and poor leadership has stagnated progress in this community. As Commissioner, Ryan is prepared to lead with integrity and transparency as a voice of hope for our citizens that have lost confidence in our local government.

“The government closest to the people, serves its people best”

-Thomas Jefferson
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Success is Local

Success requires leadership that listens to the pulse of the community. Local government needs to be shaped by civility and collaboration in order to maximize the potential of our people.

As a business owner & pastor, I am excited to communicate our vision for Sedgwick County and demonstrate a plan that enhances quality of life in our community. These conversations will be focused on our economy, quality of life investment and the appropriate function of our local government.

Work in the Community

Here are a few ways we give back to our community with links for you to join in!

Foster Care Advocate

I have worked with selective organizations to help raise awareness of the foster care crisis in our community.

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Firm Foundation Ministries

This organization provides transitional housing and reintegration skills training for individuals leaving correctional facilities.

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Love Schools

Love Schools Logo

The heart of this organization is to pair local businesses with local schools in order to meet strategic needs and supply resources.

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The Mattress hub

We have strategically partnered with local schools and organizations to donate beds to children in need.

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