Testimonial from Emil Fisher

I love sharing the stories of people in this community that overcome incredible adversity.  Emil’s testimony continues to inspire me!  Through many years in business and ministry, I’ve walked alongside those in addiction and I’ve witnessed, firsthand, how a community of resources and support and can work to actually change lives. 

There is a lot of good that happens in these spaces, but I’ve also experienced the downside.  I know how challenging it is to find treatment options for those without insurance.  I have sat with people for hours upon hours while they wait for bed space or an assessment.  The fight for sobriety is complex and there are legitimate bottlenecks in our systems that make the path to sobriety difficult. 

When someone wants to get help, fights the battles and then sees themself through to sobriety….. we should celebrate their victory and champion their cause.  I intend to always be a voice of support for those in our community that want and need our help. 

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