If I Were In The Room: Budget Talks

As Sedgwick County Government prepares to pass the 2023 budget, what would my priorities be if I were in the room to shape the allocation of dollars and resources?  How would I propose we manage the current staffing and morale crisis?  In times of uncertainty, a community should look to leadership for a strong and clear vision.  

Priority one must be a focus on achieving stability in county operations.  Finding stability will require a budget that emphasizes competitive wages for staff and demonstrates their value to our community.  Our greatest asset is our people. Competitive and fair compensation is the primary tool our management needs to attract and retain the personnel that provide effective services to our citizens. 

The second thing that would influence budget conversations is awareness.  County leadership and staff need to be acutely aware of our challenges and the things that are impacting our community.  Rising inflation, workforce challenges, substance abuse and a mental health crisis are serious issues that deserve a thoughtful and strategic approach from Sedgwick County Government.  These issues present a complicated reality that will require seasoned leadership and a clear vision that can mobilize community support.  

If I were in the room right now for the 2023 budget, these are the main factors that would influence my approach to meeting the needs in our community.  The solutions to our greatest needs are not found through partisanship and outdated systems, but through collaboration and proven leadership.

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  1. It sounds like you are not part of the Republican Taliban movement, that is a relief if true. People before party. I will be watching, and hopeful that we still have thinking, caring reps in our government.

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