Where is District 4?

Just as it’s important for you to understand the individual that is going to represent District 4, it’s equally important for you to understand what makes up District 4’s broad demographic. District 4 is truly diverse and consists of a broad representation of this entire community. All with growing communities and with various leadership and interests that consist of Maize, Park City, Valley Center and a large part of Wichita.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of what outlines District 4 beginning with the West border. The West border on 119th Street continues all the way up North to the County border. The County border on 125th Street, which continues all the way to the East. On the West, it’s 119th Street for the most part all the way North to 125th Street.

If you look to the East, the East border of the district is not as simple to navigate. All the way to the Southeast corner, it’s Hillside forming the East border of the district. There showcases a cut out on Oliver Street that heads North. Towards the middle of the district, it shoots back up to the middle. As you navigate North, it goes East again over to 63rd Street, also known as the East border of District 4.

It is not as easy to see the border in regards to the South border. The very South border of District 4 is labeled Douglas. It starts on Douglas Street to McLean Boulevard, which wraps around over by the river and then to 29th Street.

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