14 thoughts on “Relational Capital

    We desperately need changes in the leadership of Sedgwick County and we know you’ll represent us well.

  2. I will be voting for you. What I never hear from candidates is how will you charge what is tearing this community apart. EMS is not funded nor trained as they need to be. The county has and will continue to ignore there needs. What will you do?

  3. Ryan, I believe in you. I told you to your face, that he who leaves the meeting last is the most successful. I’m still here and look forward to both of us standing when it’s all over in November. I sincerely wish you a victory in November and You can count on my vote, Sir.

  4. As a life long Republican who in the last years have felt the party no longer reflects my values, I am greatly encouraged by those like Baty! Middle of the road on a lot of things, and firmly aligned with my values on social issues. Genuinely seems to CARE about those he hopes to serve. My family, which is supported by the number 1 salesmen of a competitor, we are proud to support Baty in the upcoming election.

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